MESSAGE FROM Major General Janake Ratnayake RSP USP Ldmc

It is with great pride and pleasure that I pen down this message to the Bureau's web to mark the occasion of taking over duties and responsibilities as the 7th Commissioner General Rehabilitation.

Since 2009, the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation has been instrumental in rehabilitating and reintegrating Ex-combatants to the society. It has been a process of vital importance to establish a lasting peace within the island and internationally. The Bureau has taken steps with time to provide them with Peace and Hope so that they may be responsible citizens under one flag. In this light a remarkable rehabilitation process has been formulated by the Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms and was included in the national plan.

I believe that our ultimate effort must be to have a disciplined society with high socio-economic standards enjoying the peace ushered to them. Regardless of their nationality, religion, political beliefs or geographical location within the island, every citizen must have their share of human rights and peace to live freely. I hope to work towards this target at the Bureau and strive to ensure the re-establishment of the lives of those saved from the clutches of terrorism during the humanitarian mission.

The unstinted support given by HE the President, Hon. Prime Minister, Hon. Minister Ministry of Prison Reforms, Rehabilitation, Resettlement and Hindu Religious Affairs, Other line Ministries has been the main cause of the success for all projects conducted so far. The contribution made to date by scholars, other Government Institutions, NGOs and INGOs are praiseworthy and I as the new Commissioner General Rehabilitation humbly request the same assistance to be extended for future activities too.

I hope as citizens of an upcoming country we will join hands to maintain the hard earned peace and accept the rehabilitated individuals to society with indifference.

May the Noble Triple Gem's Blessings or the blessings of whatever the religious gods be with us.

Thank You,
Major General Janake Ratnayake RSP USP Ldmc
Commissioner General Rehabilitation - Sri Lanka