Success story of Sivakumaaran Vinesh

I am Sivakumaaran Vinesh and I am 32 years old, was born in Puliyankoodal- South, Kayts. I was born to a agricultural family , my father who is a hardworking farmer did his agricultural activities very well .

I was a student in mathematics field in the class of 2003 GCE A/L at Hindu college, Jaffna. I couldn’t pass the examination in my first attempt so I decided to support my father's agricultural activities.

While I was in the field of Ampaalkulam I was forcibly taken by the LTTE in August 2007 and asked me to take part in their activities . I was under the siege In Puthumaaththalan area in the year of 2009 due to LTTE activities .

After the war I surrendered to the Army in 2009 and sent to Kathiragamar IDP center form there I was asked to go to Rehabilitation centre for ex – combatants in Vavuniya in 1st may 2009 .There I got an opportunity follow a computer course at Tharmapuram rehabilitation Centre.

Since I was in Vavuniya My parents faced a problem to come to Tharmapuram Rehabilitation centre, vavuniya to see me all the way from Jaffna. My family Struggled in poverty since we are from basic farming family. I got an opportunity to request through a letter to the Commissioner General Rehabilitation to transfer me to Thellipalai Rehabilitation Centre, Commissioner General Rehabilitation was so kind to accept my request and transfer me to Thellippalai Rehabilitation Centre in the middle of year 2010.

In Thellipalai Rehabilitation Centre we had to go through a Rehabilitation process which was very useful for us to live our day today life .The officers who were at the Rehabilitation Centre were very cordial and helpful , they even gave us the opportunity to meditate by facilitating Brahma Kumaris raja yoga organization to us, even the Courses which were conducted at the center were really helpful even after reintegration to the society.

At the rehabilitation centre we had a pleasant environment, we were given enough food, health, medicine and etc. Our Centre's coordinating officer was Major Suraweera, he was well focused on our welfare. He always get involve in our personal matters and given solution immediately . He always encourage us to get involve in religious and cultural activities ,we were given time to take part in sports too .

While I was at rehabilitation centre I was informed by the officer in charge to rehabilitation that we have an opportunity to appear into GCE A/L 2011. So I requested through the officers about my willingness to appear the exam .It was really a challenge for me since I appeared my first attempt in Maths and this time I have decided to appear in Arts field. Officers who were at the rehabilitation centre namely Major Suraweera, Major Chanaka Weerasinghe , Capt Thushara and the other staff were really helpful for me. They visited nearby schools to find teachers for me to teach all my subjects .Major Weerasinghe took a personal interest to find a teacher from Jaffna Mahajana College for us to teach our subjects.

We were exempt from all the rehabilitation activities and ask us to concentrate on the exam .At the end I got through the exam by passing all three subjects. When I received the exam results I was already reintegrated to the society.

I apply for the post of Grama Sevaka and Commissioner General Rehabilitation was kind enough to give me a character certificate for me to produce during the interview .Thanks to everyone who help me during my struggle . Today I work as the Grama Seva Niladari J/51 Karampom , Kayts Division , I wouldn’t have being here if I didn’t get a chance to attend the rehabilitation process. Thanks to all the officers of Thellipalai Rehabilitation Center who identified my talents and brought me upto this position. If not I would have been an ordinary farmer today.