Success story of Alagudurai Arulanantham

I am Alagudurai Arulanantham and I joined the LTTE in 2008.Once the war was about to be over I surrendered to the Army in 2009. There after I was send for Rehabilitation to the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation. I was attached to Rehabilitation Training Center Pompaimadu, Omanthai. After Successful Rehabilitation I was reintegrated to the society on 23.04.2011, During the Rehabilitation Period I got many opportunities to learn Vocational Training on various fields.

After Reintegrated to the society I went back to my native place and looked for an opportunity to start a business. I was unable to fulfil my requirement since I had no capital to invest on a small business. There after I started to work as a labour on daily basis. My life was really hard at that time, since I have to feed my family by living at a temporary shelter in my village. One day Officials of the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation visited me and they wanted to know my progress and how I was doing after the reintegration, then I explained them about the difficult time that I am passing to feed the family. Then the officials informed me that they can provide me a loan worth of Rs100,000 to start a small business. I was really happy to hear that since I have a dream of starting my own business in the back of my mind. After receiving the loan, I started a small grocery and its doing very well now.

Since I was living in a temporary shelter Officials of the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation arranged a permanent house for me under the Indian housing project. Now I am really happy since I have a regular income and permanent house which gives me no fear about my future.

I would like to thank the Commissioner General and all the officials of the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation for giving me all these opportunities.